Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Food, Glorious Food

Mr. Nomer has hatched a genius plan! Incorporate our deep love of food...into our blog on the pursuit of happiness and understanding and self betterment (bit long for a tag line??).

Cooking has always been my passion. Baking in particular.... but it is not my strongest suit. This week me and the Mister have been discovering new recipes...together. Last night was homemade spinach fettuccine and the night before....lasagna with bechamel sauce. Poor Mister Nomer has been trying to get back into the kitchen since we started dating. Oh no no...Miss Nomer does the cooking up in this bitch.

BUT.... we have discovered that we enjoy cooking together... kind of. I may or may not be a rather tightly wound control freak. Baking disasters do not just get swept into the trash and remedied in this house. There is normally some amount of crying or on really bad days a dish may or may not somehow shatter. However, the last few days we seem to be successfully existing together in our 8 square foot kitchen. Truly... I'll post a pic.

I have also decided that it will help me be the better person I am attempting to be. Normally as soon as Mr. Nomer steps foot in the kitchen I tell him "OUT!" and both he and the naughty puppy retreat to the carpet just outside the kitchen. Seriously, he is not even allowed to get water without being snapped at. I have issues. I think that cooking with him will help me learn to better communicate and relinquish control. I often expect him to read my mind and magically do what I tell him to. Shockingly...it doesn't normally work out. Then the eye rolls and the snapping starts. It is time to nip this in the bud!!

What better way to improve this, than to combine our love of all things food...and my most control oriented neurotic place? I can see how this would sound like a recipe for disaster, but I tend to do best when I throw myself into the deep end. Also, poor Mister Nomer misses the kitchen.

The bonus for everyone else? Nommy food pictures (I'm not great at photography) and recipes!

Self improvement through food!

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